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Summit Realty strives to provide the highest quality of service for our Property Owner/Investors. We believe they deserve nothing less.

Our professional real estate management services relieve property owners of the burden of dealing personally with tenants, monitoring the activity of lessees, arranging for and overseeing repairs and improvements, evaluating the property for retention or sale and all of the associated record keeping.

Important decisions need prompt attention and owners may be unavailable due to extended travel, busy work schedules, family obligations or illness. You can rely on us to be there during the times when critical decisions need to be made. This is why it makes good sense to let our experienced staff provide the services you need.

Whether it's improving technology to allow owners real time access to their property data, the best in communication, or creating and negotiating vendor relationships that provide the best, lowest cost services, Summit Realty is always looking to improve our performance.

We believe every property manager has the responsibility to continually improve the cash flow and value of the assets for which they are responsible.


We Coordinate:

1. One of our first goals will be a thorough inspection of the property, to determine if any short-term action will be needed to avoid a major expense in the future. Meet the tenant if the property is occupied and address any needs that they might have.

2. Advertising and showing the property:

Our property managers are trained in effective techniques of showing your property to its best advantages to a prospective tenant. And our clients can rely on our marketing and sales team to ensure their properties are fully occupied with qualified tenants.

3. Application Process:

  •  Rental Application.
  • Conducting personal interviews with prospective tenants to determine the acceptability of the applicants and if the property and the tenant is a good match.
  • Obtaining credit reports.
  • Credit History.
  • Criminal History.
  • Rental History/Evictions.
  • Careful interviewing of current and previous employers.
  • Thorough interviewing of current and previous landlords.
  • Eviction process if necessary.

4. Negotiating rental agreements that reflect current market rents.

5. Collecting rent, follow up on delinquencies and initiating other action, as necessary, to collect any overdue rent.

6. Handling tenant complaints expeditiously and after hours emergency calls.

7. Paying all vendor bills--Sufficient reserves are established to pay all expenses on a timely basis, including utilities and miscellaneous items.

8. Complete owner's report is prepared monthly and yearly and submitted to each owner that details all monthly and yearly activity and recaps the operation, significant events and financial results. The year end also includes a 1099.

9. Distribute Monthly income checks to owners.

10. Keeping detailed records of all income and expenses (including repairs and fees) and providing the owner(s) a monthly statement.

11. Short and long term property planning (includes preventative maintenance program).

12. Routine inspections:

We feel it is important to stay current with the conditions of your property. Exterior and interior inspections are done on a routine basis to ensure the integrity of your investment.

13. Move-in and Move-out inspections:

Before and after a tenant moves into your property we will complete a thorough inspection of the property. This service is extremely important in the completion and computation of security deposit transmittals that take place after a tenant vacates.

14. Quality Maintenance:

Property managers supervise the maintenance of your property. We have affiliated ourselves with only the most skilled and reliable maintenance vendors. All vendors are properly licensed, bonded and insured. Every effort is made to control costs while maintaining the integrity and value of the property. Maintenance that is the resident's responsibility or fault will be billed to the resident directly. We are available 24/7 for emergency calls.

This full array of services enables you, as a property owner, to enjoy the benefits that such an investment provides while leaving the headaches and time-consuming responsibilities to our knowledgeable real estate team.
MARKETING YOUR PROPERTY                               

Renting your Real Estate investment is what we do best. It is not an easy job, and it requires a constant eye on the market place to track vacancies and competition.

Summit Realty and Property Management will handle all the advertising for your rental. We will immediately place a sign on the property, which will generate numerous calls. Other marketing tools include appropriate newspaper advertising, company website, using reputable rental services, Chamber of Commerce, local real estate companies and the internet. In addition, our property managers keep a continuous list of prospective tenants waiting for an available property to meet their needs. This very effective marketing tool is consistently used and right in line with our proactive approach in procuring tenants, and saving you money on advertising costs.

Our goal is to have the property turned and rented as fast as possible. We advertise the property as soon as we have confirmation that the tenant is moving out. We have long- term relationships with our vendors which gives us the ability to move fast to turn the property. If there are maintenance problems that are discovered upon move out, we coordinate with our vendors to have the repairs completed as soon as possible


We provide complete financial services for all our clients. Our office collects rents every month. Our team is dedicated to keeping all properties current with any debt incurred by owners and tenants. Our services include paying all bills for your property, such as utilities, repairs and maintenance and any other expenses. We will evaluate your existing insurance policy and make sure it is up to date. Constant supervision of all related bank accounts will make certain that owners are not burdened by any unforeseen financial obligation. Monitoring expenses and controlling cost is a key to building profitability.

Summit Realty has one of the most sophisticated accounting and reporting systems in the industry; we use Tenant Pro7 Property Management Software. Tenant Pro7 is specialized financial software designed specifically for use in property management. This program allows us to create categorized income and expense accounts specific to your needs. Gross revenue and expenses can be posted to these accounts to create a detailed, accurate financial statement that helps you track exactly what money was received and where it was spent.

Monthly Financial Reporting

Summit Realty provides monthly statements for your rental income and expenses. We can handle all your accounting and payment requirements. We can quickly search your records on request. At the end of the year, we prepape a complete package for your tax preparer, including a 1099.

Collection of Rents

Rents are due on the 1st of the month and considered late if not paid by midnight of the 4th day. We are very aggressive about rent collections and we will work hard to get you paid on time each month. Late charges are enforced and if necessary we know all the steps to take in the event the rent is not paid.


Before any check is issued, the invoice to be paid is reviewed three times. This allows the property managers to thoroughly review invoices for any charges which may seem out of line, or unauthorized.

Account Reconciliation

All funds are maintained in a Federally Insured Client Trust Account. This account is reconciled monthly and discrepancies are identified and corrected promptly.

About Our Fees and Charges

Our fees are very competitive and are based on the highest level of service. Many of our clients insist we save them money through our relationship with our array of professionals who work closely with us in the maintenance of your property.

As in any business relationship, communication is a key factor. We invite any questions or comments you might have concerning our management of your property. We are happily available to discuss in greater detail our management program in order to achieve a greater understanding of your needs.

What This Means to You 

You will have peace of mind knowing that your property is being taken care of by professionals. It is our job to make it easy for you.

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